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2016-2020 Annual Start and Finish Dates & Times

20167 May3 September
20176 May2 September
20185 May1 September
201911 May7 September
20209 May5 September

Notes: The above is based on the principle of fixing our end of the season to the first Saturday in September rather than fixing our start of the season to Club Cricket Conference “Opening Season Dates”. This means that the 2017 and 2018 seasons will conclude on 2 September and 1 September respectively and not 9 September and 8 September if the Club Cricket Conference guidelines were followed.

We would encourage all clubs to ensure that where local councils are concerned that they are made aware of this requirement. We have always played league cricket into at least the first Saturday of September and the recent policy of some councils’ to conclude all cricket on 31 August potentially conflicts with what has always been accepted as the norm in the past.

If we did try to eradicate September entirely from our league timetable and start a week earlier it would mean that in some seasons we would have to start league cricket in April when many council grounds are unavailable for cricket and some grounds are still recovering from winter sports played on the outfield.

The above is based on our current eighteen week league season.

Reference file to check start times each year by division
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