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2017 Results Reporting

  • Home side - input summary result by 10.00am on Sunday following the match
  • League - lock the summary result by 10.30am on Sunday following the match
  • Home side - input detailed scorecard by 11.00pm on Monday following the match
  • Away side - verify the detailed scorecard by 11.00pm on Wednesday following the match
  • League - lock the detailed scorecards after 11.00pm on Wednesday following the match. No revisions will be made thereafter, except in the case of intervention by the Executive Committee.

A complete summary result includes the following detail:

  • Team winning toss, and team batting first
  • For both teams - runs, wickets and overs bowled including part overs
  • Result of match
  • Any officials you wish recorded (as these fields get locked with the summary result)
  • Recorded start and end time of each innings in the Notes section, for matches not managed by Panel Umpires

Please also be aware, a player is deemed to have played in a match, once the first delivery (even if a no ball or wide, and the only delivery of the match) has been bowled. As such matches with only one innings, must still have an entry of 0 runs off 0 over for 0 wickets in the second innings, so the teamsheet can be added and published in the League records.

New for 2017

1 Result reporting requirements remain the same, despite changes to some electronic scoring capabilities.

2 Many Captains and players completing surveys have expressed frustration at the slow overrates in many games. It was an overwhelming conclusion at the various council and captains meetings that focused on changes in playing conditions that the League should try and encourage captains and teams to improve these rates, both to finish games earlier and also to ensure the game flows at a decent pace.

In order to better understand the nature of the problem, and to encourage positive actions to improve, it was agreed that all Championship games without an appointed panel umpire (where regulations already exist to manage overrates) should include the times of the game in the Play-Cricket highlights section in order to allow the Executive Committee to formulate new suggestions for rule changes in future seasons with the benefit of a thorough understanding of the current situation.

This data will be compiled manually from the individual home clubs input information, so we hope that clubs will get into the habit of recording the data, and not require too much prompting to submit.

Although no penalties will be issued, overs should be bowled at an average of 16 per hour or better. Summary results will be published on a monthly basis, and we hope that captains and teams will take pride in meeting the target and heading the league table for fastest overrates bowled.

An example of the required information and where it should be entered.

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