50th Anniversary

Ideas for consideration

In May 1968, The Surrey Cricket Clubs Championship Association played its first League matches between its 17 Founder Clubs. Early soundings in 1965 and meetings in 1966/7 discussed the viability of the formation of League cricket and under the chairmanship of Raman Subba Row agreed its rules and playing conditions and Managing Committee.

There have been many interim milestones in the 50 years since and it is the current Championship Management team's view that it should be a year of celebration. So, what do we have in mind? What do you think?

* A 50th Anniversary logo for inclusion on all correspondence/events run in support.
Action: Thoughts would be appreciated to its design/look/feel. Can you help?

* We will be producing a special 50th Anniversary Handbook with archive material from our files, but we are sure there are many Clubs that have memories and pictures of these past years that they would like to see recorded, in what will be a prestigious production.
Action: Please forward suitable material to Chris Evans.

* Would an invitation to a tea party at Kia Oval to representatives of the 17 Founding Clubs and initial Founding and subsequent Committee members be an appropriate starting point for our celebrations?

* How would your Club like to celebrate being part of this Anniversary year?
Action: Thoughts and your ideas are sought, please

* Already our County Club have agreed to host a day at Kia Oval to celebrate those players who became contracted to and presented with their caps, during the 50 intervening years. A representative from their Championship Club would also be invited to endorse the links of being part of the Surrey Family.
Action: Invites will be forwarded once dates/format finalised

* It's also our intent to stage at least 1 match v Surrey County Cricket Club during playing season 2018 and for our Surrey Senior Cricketers to play a match v Surrey Masters X1 - (from the last 50 years so should be much fun!). We also hope to be able to agree with the County to have a special day at the Oval for all Surrey Championship Clubs and their members.

* It would be terrific if one of the 17 founder Clubs volunteered to host a match with another of the Clubs, to revive the terrific occasion of May 1968. Is that possible?

* Do we have amongst our membership Clubs, potential sponsors that would like to support financially one of these special events? We will need this support if our plans are to be fully realised.

* Obviously an Anniversary Dinner will be planned for 2018 and it will be a little larger than the initial gathering in October 1968.

We welcome and look forward to, your feedback please, together with Volunteers who would like to be involved in the fulfilment of these and other aspirations.

Please contact Roland Walton if you have feedback or ideas.

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