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2018 Rules & Playing Conditions

The Constitution, Rules & Playing Conditions of the Travelbag Surrey Championship

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The Travelbag Surrey Championship Constitution for 2018 which is applicable to all clubs and divisions

Tier One RPCs Premier & Division One 1st XIs
Tier Two RPCs Division Two through Four 1st XIs
Tier Three RPCs Division Five 1st XIs, all 2nd, Premier & Divison One 3rd XIs & 4th XI Divisions

When grouped here's how to read the Tiers:

  • Tiers One & Two: cover sides down to Division 4 of the 1st XI League
  • Tiers Two & Three: means all Divisions of all Leagues except 1st XI Premier, Division 1 and the regional divisions of the 3rd XI League
  • Tier Three: Division 5 of the 1st XI League and all 2nd, 3rd and 4th XI divisions except the regional divisions of the 3rd XI League

2018 R&PC Changes Summary

  1. In Tiers One and Two Limited Overs matches: Free Hits will now be extended to being called for all No Balls except the over head-high bouncer
  2. In Tiers One and Two Time matches: Once there is no longer time available to bowl at least 20 overs in the second innings, the game will be Abandoned
  3. In Tiers Two and Three Limited Overs matches: Duckworth-Lewis will be used for interrupted matches via the DL calculator in the Play-Cricket Scorer app.
  4. In Tier Three Time matches: when the first innings ends during an over, that part over will count as a full over for the purposes of the minimum number of overs in the match.
  5. Captains are now required to submit reports on Panel Umpires within 5 days of the match (changed from 10 days).
  6. In Tier Three, 3rd XI Premier Division only, start times are now 12 noon for Weeks 1-16
  7. In matches without Panel umpires, the umpires are not permitted to make use of the behavioural sanctions set out in the new Law 42.

Travelbag Surrey Championship 2018 Year Book

The Playing Conditions for the West, Central & East 3rd XIs are in the Fullers Brewery Surrey County League Handbook.

Where next?

2018 Results Reporting All fixture - League & Cup - results are managed via The home side has the respons
2018 Captain's Match Reports We introduced online reporting in 2013 for all 1st XI games that have a Panel Umpire standing in the

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