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2017 Rules & Playing Conditions

The Constitution, Rules & Playing Conditions of the Travelbag Surrey Championship

The Travelbag Surrey Championship Constitution for 2017 which is applicable to all clubs and divisions

Tier One RPCs Premier & Division One 1st XIs
Tier Two RPCs Division Two through Four 1st XIs
Tier Three RPCs Division Five 1st XIs, all 2nd, Premier & Divison One 3rd XIs & 4th XI Divisions

Match Points & Reminders for 2017 - coming soon!

2017 R&PC Changes Summary

  1. Bonus points are updated for draws and abandoned games, so that there are now 4 points for a winning draw, 3 points for an even draw and 2 points for a losing draw (to be added to accrued bonus points). In abandoned games, teams will now keep any bonus points accrued before the game is halted, where these exceed the minimum of 4 for the abandoned game. Play-Cricket will automatically add all awarded bonus points this season based on the correct result being selected. Any issues with match reporting please email us.
  2. Start times for Tier 1, Tier 2 and Tier 3 games have all been amended. In Tier 1, 120 over timed games will all start at 11.00am. All Tier 2 and Tier 3 1st & 2nd XI games throughout the season will start at 12 noon and the golden half hour will be extended to Tier 3 games which start at 12 (or earlier) in case of rain, to match the playing conditions for Tiers 1 and 2.
  3. There are no changes to the split format. There will be both timed and overs games at all levels (ie 9 of each).
  4. Championship Panel Umpires will continue to manage over rates in their games. In addition, Captains in any Tier 2 games without appointed panel umpires and ALL Tier 3 games, must ensure teams bowl their overs at a minimum of 16 overs per hour. Although there will be no penalties, we do require teams to submit the start and finish times for each innings, together with the times of any rain interruptions, in the comments section on the Result page on Play-Cricket, in order that we can better monitor the situation, aiming to significantly speed up the average over rates.
  5. Bowlers in all Tier 2 and Tier 3 timed games will be limited to 14 overs in 100 over games, and 13 overs in 90 over games. This is to ensure increased participation from younger bowlers.
  6. Where applicable, power plays have been amended (and simplified) to match the conditions used in One Day International games.
  7. Administrative changes were made as follows:
  • Wordings have been changed to make it absolutely clear that if a club is forced to concede a game, it must be their lowest named league XI, irrespective of any mix in XIs between the Championship and County leagues.
  • As soon as a ball is bowled, the game is deemed, and players must be captured on Play-Cricket, as these games are counted towards the limits defined for dropping players to lower levels for the last 4 games of the season.
  • The league reserves the right to fine clubs on a discretionary basis if they repeatedly fail to adhere to administrative requirements (eg completing match results in Play-Cricket on time)
  • The fine for teams who concede games at the last minute is increased to £75 to cover match day costs for the host club.
  • Minor changes in the wording have been made for the registration of overseas exempt players to bring this into line with 1st class county practices.

Travelbag Surrey Championship 2017 Year Book

The Playing Conditions for the West, Central & East 3rd XIs are in the Fullers Brewery Surrey County League Handbook.

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