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For up to the minute funding information please refer to:
London Sport for details of National funding pots/organisations

Similarly, Active Surrey have a downloadable guide with details of many Surrey and national funding pots/organisations

In particular we'd like to highlight the following organisations as potential sources of funding for grants and loans. We have not included local charities nor football or rugby specific organisations such as the FA and the RFU which may provide separate and considerable funding to sports clubs & associations. The inclusion of the bodies below does not infer that any specific funding application will be successful as restrictions may/will apply.

Sport England
Is the principal funder of monies from the National Lottery and the Exchequer and according to their website will invest nationally “…. over £1 billion of National Lottery and Exchequer funding between 2012 and 2017 in organisations and projects.” As this is a “national” programme it follows that potentially all clubs are eligible and there are a range of grants available.

London Marathon Charitable Trust
Is a major source of funding for sports projects within the London Boroughs of Southwark, Lambeth, Wandsworth, Richmond, Kingston, Merton, Sutton and Croydon and since 2013 for the remainder of Surrey The grants awarded can be quite substantial, and by reference to their website up to a suggested upper limit of £150,000. They also look at capital projects such as the purchase of grounds potentially at risk, for instance as with Battersea Ironsides and Spencer grounds from Aviva in 2011.

With certain qualifications, they provide grants up to £50,000 for schemes within a distance of ten miles from an “active Biffa operation”. As Biffa are active within the London and Surrey areas this covers effectively the whole area of Surrey.

Similar to Biffa ‘ they provide grants up to £60,000 for “community leisure amenity improvement projects” up to “… three miles of qualifying waste processing sites owned by Sita UK”. Owing to the smaller qualification distance, coverage throughout London and Surrey is more patchy, however it is possible that your club could qualify for both a Biffa grant and a Sita grant simultaneously!!

ECB Small Grants
Administered through the SCB (initial contact Simon Hards, these can provide grants up to £4,000 for items of equipment such as covers, social areas (both inside and out) and improvements to energy efficiency at clubs. This is a reasonably new fund, but as all clubs are members of the SCB this is potentially open to all.

Surrey Playing Fields (formally Surrey County Playing Fields Association)
Provides small grants up to a notional limit of £1,000, and also loans for larger projects. For more information refer to Graham Jackson who will be able to direct you towards your appropriate Borough Development Officer.

• Surrey Championship Small Grants
This fund is currently suspended and it is unlikely to be revived in 2018.

ECB Interest Free Loan Scheme
Loans are available for larger projects from the ECB of up to £50,000 repayable within five years.

Additionally , for further funding ideas, please email Simon Hards at the SCB or call on 07824 866804.

Graham R Jackson
Chairman, Grounds & Facilities Sub Committee
May 2016

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