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2019 Results Reporting

All fixture - League & Cup - results are managed via The home side has the responsibility for entering the details requested but both sides are encouraged to support accurate & timely result entry for the benefit of the league members overall.


  • Home side - input complete summary result before 10:00 on Sunday following the match; best practice is result entry immediately after the conclusion of the match
  • League - lock the summary result no later than 10:00 on Sunday following the match
  • Home side - input detailed scorecard by 23:00 on Monday following the match
  • Away side - verify the detailed scorecard by 23:00 on Wednesday following the match
  • League - lock the detailed scorecards after 23:00 on Wednesday following the match. No revisions to be made thereafter, except in the case of intervention by an Executive Committee member.

For the avoidance of any doubt, the complete summary result contains all the following details:

  • Team winning the toss, and team batting first
  • For both teams the runs scored, the wickets taken and overs bowled, including part overs
  • Result of match
  • The names of the officials

Meanwhile, a complete scorecard contains all the following details:

  • All 11 players named or recorded as absent (no entries of 'unsure' can remain)
  • All runs scored and extras awarded (which must add up to the total entered)
  • All wicket-takers and fielders involved in dismissals (run out attribution is optional)
  • All bowlers names and their complete bowling figures
  • Where a sub fielder takes a catch, record as 'Caught sub' and add a note for the Statistician
  • For 1st XIs: a record of all fall of wicket scores and the relevant batters

Please note, a player is deemed to have played in a match, once the first delivery (even if a no ball or wide and the only delivery of the match) has been bowled. As such, matches with play in only the first innings must also have an entry of 0 runs, off 0 overs, for 0 wickets in the second innings, even if there was no play, so the teamsheet can be added and recorded in the League records.

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