2018 Disciplinary Info

Code of Conduct, Discipline and the Disciplinary Process

These matters are covered in Appendix 3 of the Constitution applicable to all matches. We hope and expect that there will be few occasions during the season where these have to be invoked, but players, captains and club officials should be aware of them and of the willingness of the League Disciplinary Sub-Committee to apply sanctions where breaches of the Code are deemed to have taken place.

Captains should take responsibility for their players during the course of matches and ensure that umpires are supported and oppositions respected. Once a report of a breach of the Code is received, however, there is a need for an official of the club concerned, normally the Chairman, to become involved and potentially, if the breach is proved to the satisfaction of the Disciplinary Sub Committee to have taken place, to ensure that the club takes the lead in applying appropriate sanctions. The disciplinary process depends on clubs accepting and discharging this role in a responsible manner, as this ensures that indiscretions are dealt with speedily, that cases do not drag on and that the need for formal hearings, which create both tiresome bureaucracy and extend the demands on the time of usually busy individuals, can be avoided.

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