The 2020 AJ Fordham & Fuller's Brewery Challenge Cup

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Guidance on Rules & Playing Conditions - Updated 28th July

These Rules and Playing Conditions will apply to all matches to be played in the AJ Fordham & Fuller's Brewery competition in 2020. For this season only, the following shall supersede all Rules and Playing Conditions in both the AJ Fordham Surrey Championship and the Fuller's Brewery Surrey County League.

General administration

• Unless required by any ECB guidance for overseas players, there will be no requirement to register any players for the 2020 season. For this season only, we will not be placing any restrictions on the number of overseas players that can play for a club. In the event that it is necessary to register a player, we shall not impose any sanction or penalty in the event that the relevant player is not registered by the time they play in a match, but the relevant club will be responsible for ensuring that the player is registered as soon as possible.

• There will be no promotion or relegation following the 2020 season.

• There will be no subscriptions or affiliation fees due for the 2020 Championship season.

Before the game

• The limitations on dropping players to lower XIs will not apply, although we expect all teams to adhere to the spirit of the rules concerning selection, particularly for any contracted players, who shall only be entitled to play in the higher XI, and to the Spirit of Cricket.

• There will be no penalties, either financial or in points, for conceding a game, but we would encourage teams to give as much notice as possible if they aren't going to be able to fulfil their fixture commitment.

Playing Condition 11(e) will still apply so that selection of a higher team must take precedence over any lower team.


  • The Umpires Panel will provide umpires for all matches in Groups 1, 5, 8 and 11.
  • We also expect to have umpires from the Panel available to clubs other groups, the Panel will seek to match available umpires with demand from clubs whilst giving priority to clubs in Groups 2, 6, 9 and 12.
  • Details of how to request umpires for other matches, as well as arrangements for paying all Panel-supplied umpires will follow shortly.
  • Where the Umpires Panel cannot provide an umpire for a match, clubs will need to provide their own.
  • Each club will be responsible for paying any umpire they appoint to officiate at a match and shall agree a mechanism for payment with the umpire in advance of the match.
  • Where a team is unable to appoint an umpire for a match, they should advise the opposition of the position in advance of the match, so that the opposition can request that the appointed umpire stand at the bowler's end for the entire match.
  • Should the appointed umpire agree to stand at the bowler's end for the entire match, the teams shall agree an appropriate adjustment to the umpire's fee; shall split that fee equally; and shall agree a mechanism for payment with the umpire in advance of the match.

On the day of the game

  • All matches will be 40 overs per innings, save that, in the event of bad weather on the day of the game (and for no other reason), and so long as both teams agree, the format may be shortened to a minimum of 20 over per innings. Any shortened match played on the original date or rearranged date, shall be played to the regulations set out below. For the avoidance of doubt there must be enough time for both teams to face at least 20 overs, or the match shall be treated as abandoned.
  • All matches shall be scheduled to start at 1pm but teams will be free to alter the start time, by agreement. Any change should be agreed between the captains and the umpires, at least 24 hours before the match is scheduled to start. The timings of the innings set out below should be adjusted to reflect the actual start time.
  • The toss is scheduled to take place between 12.45pm and 12.50pm. If the requisite number of players and officials are present by 12.30pm, then with the umpires' consent, the toss may take place at any time between 12.30pm and 12.50pm.
  • The target over rate shall be 15 overs per hour, but there shall be no penalties for slow over rates.
  • The first innings shall be scheduled to run from 1pm to 3.40pm.
  • There shall be a 20-minute break for tea.
  • The second innings shall be scheduled to run from 4pm to 6.40pm.
  • There will be no Golden Half Hour.
  • One over will be deducted from the total number of overs to be faced by each team for every 8 minutes of time lost due to rain in the first innings, and one over lost for every 4 minutes of time lost due to rain in the second innings.
  • Each bowler will be entitled to bowl no more than 20% of the scheduled overs, to be adjusted in the event of any reduction to the number of overs as above, except where the scheduled overs are not exactly divisible by 5 when the minimum number of bowlers required to fill the overs, may each bowl 1 extra over.
  • In the event of any rain delays, the par score will be calculated using the DL app in Play-Cricket Scorer.
  • Each team must have a minimum of 8 players at the ground at the time of the toss. In the event that a team has fewer than 8 players at the ground 10 minutes before the scheduled start time, that team will forfeit the toss.
  • Save in the event of rain, all matches shall start within 10 minutes of the scheduled start time, irrespective of the number of players present at the ground by that time. The number of overs shall not be reduced if the start of the match is delayed due to the late arrival of players.

Fielding restrictions for all matches:

  • there shall be the usual fielding circles marked on the pitch.
  • during the whole of each innings, no more than five fielders shall be permitted outside the fielding circle.
  • at the instant of delivery, there may not be more than five fielders on the leg side.
  • for all matches in Groups 1, 5, 8 and 11 there shall also be one powerplay, during the first 10 overs of each innings, when there will be a maximum of 2 fielders outside the fielding circle.
  • in the event of an infringement of any of the above fielding restrictions, the Umpire at the striker’s end shall call and signal ‘No Ball’.
  • there will be no free hits.
  • the captains shall agree with any umpire(s) officiating at the match whether all balls passing down the leg side shall be called 'wide'. Otherwise, wides will be left to the discretion of the umpire(s).

• The home side shall provide both match balls, as supplied by the League, and bring at least 2 spare balls of reasonable condition, in case either match ball is lost.

• You will be required to provide a team sheet prior to each match to the umpires or the opposition captain. The playing restrictions set out in Appendix 3 to the Constitution of the AJ Fordham Surrey Championship shall still apply.

• There will be no fines relating to sweeping and re-marking pitches, but we expect the home side to undertake this task between innings.

• Points will be awarded as per Playing Condition 5(b) to the Constitution of the AJ Fordham Surrey Championship.

• There will be no fines if a team is unable to provide a scorer.

• There will be no sanctions in accordance with Law 42 during any match.

• There will also be no sanction in accordance with Law 41 for any breach of the new adapted cricket protocol, but captains are required to ensure that their players observe any restrictions in place at the time of the match relating to social distancing

• Should any disciplinary issue arise during a match, including any breach of the adapted cricket protocol, then reports can be made to the Disciplinary Committee, who will deal with all disciplinary matters in the usual way. Appendix 2 to the Constitution of the AJ Fordham Surrey Championship shall still apply to all matches.

In line with the detailed guidance from the ECB RETURN TO CRICKET PLAN FOR STEP 4 JULY 2020" which should be read in full

  • Turn up ready to play – you should assume there will be no changing facilities available at the ground.
  • Bring your own hand sanitiser and use it regularly during the match.
  • Bring your own water and water bottle – the home side will not be required to provide water during any drinks breaks, so you must bring your own.
  • You will also have to bring any food you wish to consume between the innings – the home side will not be required to provide teas.
  • Where there are 2 scorers at a match, they must observe the restrictions on social distancing in force at the relevant time as detailed in the ECB ACO Guidance

After the game

• There will be no requirement to produce any captain's reports.

• The scoring app in Play-Cricket should be used where possible, to ensure that the results are entered promptly into Play-Cricket. Where that is not possible, results should be entered on Play-Cricket by 2pm on the Tuesday following the match – please ensure you do this but there will be no financial penalty should you fail to do so.

Any queries about the application of these Rules and Playing Conditions should be addressed to us via email in the first instance.

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