Proposed restructuring of the 3rd and 4th XI Leagues

By Andrew Murphy

Letter from the League Chairman

Please read carefully the attached letter and the proposed allocation of clubs to divisions we would recommend if the proposals in the letter were accepted. from the Rules and Playing Conditions Sub-Committee and ensure it is seen by all the officials in your club who would have an interest. In addition, consult players who would be affected.

As League Chairman I think the proposal would represent a valuable and beneficial step forward for cricket in our 3rd and 4th XIs. I hope it will be strongly supported in principle by the clubs. I see no reason why it should not go ahead in 2019, and because the full benefits are likely to develop over time as teams find their place in the structure it seems to me to make sense to make the change as soon as possible.

I acknowledge, however, that some of my Executive Committee colleagues believe clubs, even though favouring the changes in principle, may be in favour of delaying adoption until the following year and I have agreed that this is something the clubs can decide themselves.

If the decision is not to go ahead in 2019 then we retain the same 3rd and 4th XI set up as in 2018 and relegation and promotion from 2018 will operate in the usual way.

Peter Murphy
Chairman, Surrey Championship

Where next?

3rd & 4th XI Cricket in 2019 Revised proposal following the October Council Meeting.

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