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2018 Club Grounds & Facilities

Grounds and Facilities Strategy v3.0 replaces the previous versions of this document.

Our strategy outlines the ground and facilities required of Clubs in the Surrey Championship.

In addition, all clubs must demonstrate sufficient security of tenure and control over their main ground to enable 1st XI & 2nd XI league matches to be played on the dates stipulated by the League from season to season.

The Grounds & Facilities Sub-Committee of the Surrey Championship is responsible for the interpretation and application of this strategy, including promotion and relegation. In the event of any dispute or disagreement, the Executive Committee will make a decision which will be final and binding on the club. The League will do its best to give assistance to Clubs where they are unable to satisfy the criteria in this document.

Any project to build a new or upgrade a current Clubhouse and changing rooms must not be undertaken until the Grounds & Facilities Sub-Committee have been consulted and approved the plans.

All clubs are to maintain “ClubMark” accreditation (Premier Division requirement) or if not in place, to be working towards such accreditation.

The 2018 Sub-Committee consists of:

  1. Graham Jackson
  2. Paul Abraham
  3. Brian Driscoll
  4. Denham Earl
  5. Chris Evans
  6. Roland Walton

Some clubs can struggle for 3rd and 4th team pitches. If you have some capacity at your club or know of available grounds in your area, please do let us know so we can aim to sync clubs in need where possible. Please let Graham Jackson have details.

Where next?

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