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2020 Club Info Sheets

Club contacts for the 2020 season continue to be maintained directly in Play-Cricket. You can update any contact at any time but at the start of each season, we will issue a Questionnaire via Play-Cricket to have all clubs review and complete a full update. Simply submit the final version once you've reviewed and updated the contacts. 70 questionnaires are due as at 10th Feb 2020.

To comply with GDPR please ensure you have permission to include people's personal details, noting that currently, only Club Website Administrators can update this list and not the individuals themselves. Please ensure your Website Admins are aware of this and their responsibilities to ensure updates and changes are made on request of the individuals' concerned.

We strongly advise using club provided emails where possible going forward eg or

The League uses only the current contacts provided and does not use the data for any other reason than the purposes of running the league.

How to maintain your Committee Positions

How to update Team Captains

You can hide personal contact details from appearing on your website, which is recommended, leaving only generic/club level contact details visible. For the benefit of your opposition however please ensure at least one email and phone number that is routinely monitored is the one you make available.

Where next?

2020 League Contact Points A full list of contacts can be found on our Contacts page. For issues arising your first point of

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