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2019 Season Readiness

By Surrey Championship

Our annual checklist for your perusal!

Here's a list of 'things to check' that we hope will help ensure you are ready for Saturday and beyond. Note: any text in blue are active links to further information where needed.

  1. Read & digest the updated 2019 Constitution as well as the Rules & Playing Conditions for your Tier, to ensure you know the regulations that apply to your matches. Tier 1, Tier 2, Tier 3 or the new Tier 4. We have an article dedicated to Tier 3 and Tier 4 cricket here.
  2. Ensure your overseas & contracted players are registered before 31st May.
  3. 1st XI Premier & First Divison Clubs: ensure your all league player registrations and removals are complete in Play-Cricket by 31st May 2019.
  4. All clubs must ensure any players transferring to your club after 11th May 2019, wishing to play Surrey Championship cricket, are documented via the transfer form.
  5. Check which electronic scoring applications will be in use: Play-Cricket Scorer or Play-Cricket Scorer Pro and ensure your results reporting plans are in place. League requirements for results reporting remain, whether scoring electronically or not.
  6. Duckworth-Lewis-Stern. For Tier 1 governed games, scorers can either use the ECB Play-Cricket Scorer Pro app which has DLS 2016 built-in or they can use the relevant standalone module for DLS which is for Window laptops only. To ensure all calculations across all Tier 1 games are the same only these 2 options can be used. Clubs needing a link to the standalone module can email Helen. Play-Cricket Scorer for mobile or tablets can not be used for DLS calculations needed in Tier 1, but it can still be used for scoring the matches. Meanwhile Duckworth-Lewis will be used by Clubs playing in Tier 2, 3 & 4 games via the Calculator in the Play-Cricket Scorer app. Our existing guide has been updated to include Tier 4.
  7. Captain's report form are required for panel officiated games. Please make every effort to complete these in full as your feedback is important.
  8. Check that correct match balls have been allocated to each team as they vary between leagues & divisions.
  9. Get your pitch markers dusted off and available for week 1; it’s limited overs to kick things off. We look forward to seeing the AJ Fordham branded stumps in use for all Championship games this season.
  10. Ensure you share all relevant information with your umpires, scorers and your support team, as well as players. For example, ensure everyone has your fixture details; officials also need the latest Rules & Playing Conditions plus the information on DL/DLS as above.
  11. Our 2019 T20 is underway. Review the playing conditions noting one change on player eligibility for 2019 in line with ECB Guidance.
  12. If you encounter a disciplinary issue during the season, use our documented process for Championship league matches.
  13. The ECB has updated their online Player Behaviour resource to include the reworded law relating to beamers and a reminder about ‘Mankads’ and is worth a watch.
  14. Re-read the ECB weather & light guidance. Remember, as per PC11(a), "No game shall be cancelled prior to the agreed starting time unless by the express agreement of the two Captains.”.
  15. Enjoy a read of the online 2019 Surrey Championship yearbook.
  16. Download the Surrey Championship app to your smartphone and have quick access to key documents and information.
  17. Ensure you include references to our sponsor AJ Fordham in your various online & print channels and please promote their services to your members.
  18. Don't forget the Surrey Clubs' Room at the Oval if you need a mid-week meeting room.
  19. And finally, do keep in touch with all our news via the website & social media channels as the season unfolds.

Enjoy your cricket - on and off the field.

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