2019 Fixtures

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Post AGM Update

Following the AGM we can confirm that Alleyn CC has an additional XI filling the vacant spot in Div 5 East. All divisions now have a full complement of clubs and fixtures in 2019.

As a result, Play-Cricket has been updated with those fixtures and start times as per the AGM votes. You can download an export of the complete fixture list here. An overview of start times & formats, in summary, is here. v2 now added.

Our 3rd, 4th and 5th XIs have an opportunity to add/change/amend ground information directly in Play-Cricket this year but the cut off for clubs making their own changes will be the 10th April, after which any requests will need to be submitted to the website admin as usual.

As a reminder, the Championship 2019 season runs from 11 May until 7 September inclusive. For clubs with XIs also in the County League, please note those games will run from 4 May until 1 September.

We are happy to share that the 2019 Fixtures have been prepared and published tonight for review and feedback.

Clubs are requested to advise of any errors in the first instance to Helen. These should be errors and not exception requests.

Please also note that start times may need to be updated post the AGM in January in some cases.

Finally, in the new year, Play-Cricket is adding the ability to support split division formats so there will be further updates of the fixtures at that point. Therefore any change requests will be processed post the final upload of fixtures in the new year.

Clubs who have the need to rearrange any fixture due to exceptional circumstances (previously known as 'special dates') please consult your opposition in case they are in a position to reverse your fixture. Otherwise, ground changes can be advised in the new year. The intention is to lock all changes by 1 April 2019.

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