2017 Council Meeting - Wimbledon CC

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Have your say! Ensure your Club Rep has your views and is attending. Now, UPDATED with proposal documents.

At the upcoming council meeting, a number of significant points will be discussed and we will actively be seeking feedback from clubs.

Clear outcomes from those discussions will shape the final proposals to be taken forward at the AGM in January, for the 2018 season.

Start times
There has been mixed feedback following the start time changes introduced in 2017. Some in support, some against, but in all cases, there are strong views being heard. As such we will be putting options on the table for clubs to register their preferences for and against reverting to pre-2017 start times for 1st and 2nd XIs. If a desire for going back to previous timings is signalled, we will put forward proposals at the AGM. We would allow separate decisions for 1st and 2nd XIs if Council indicates this is preferred.
Download & read the proposal here.

Over rates
We will be circulating at the meeting, a closer look at the data provided by clubs during the season. Given how few games we have data for, we shall be asking clubs candidly to indicate whether they actually support the initiative to improve the speed at which matches progress. We either need to give it greater impetus or give up on it.
Download & read the proposal here.

3rd and 4th XI structures
We will be seeking feedback on how the current structure of 3rd and 4th XI cricket is working for clubs? What do we wish to do about clubs wishing to enter teams into the structure where this would give us numbers not divisible by 10. Are there great options we can review or draw from?
Download & read the proposal here.

Rain rules
Current rain rules provide some flexibility for completing games when rain comes before play starts, or, early enough for play to recommence. As a League do we need to legislate for times when continuous rain is forecast but there might be enough time to complete a shorter game before it comes? Should we have rules around this and how would they work?

Other rule changes
Beyond what is under discussion above there will as always be a tidy up on existing text for the purposes of clarification and standardisation only. Please do raise any smaller points that are not clear or non standard to ensure they are also on our radar.
Download & read the proposal here.

We have some ideas about changes to the early stages of the competition to encourage more participation. The proposal aims to reduce the reliance on midweek cricket and make the competition a better experience for players, clubs and spectators.
Download & read the proposal here.

Ground and facilities
There is a revised Grounds and Facilities strategy ready for the 2018 season. The initial version has been posted as a consultation document before finalisation and issue ahead of next season. Questions and feedback should be sent to Graham Jackson. At Council there will also be an opportunity to comment or ask for clarification on any points arising.

The full agenda for the evening can be downloaded. Limited paper copies will be available on the night.

Where next?

16th October - Deadline Day Yearbook reports and grounds availability needed

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