16th October - Deadline Day

1 year ago By Surrey Championship

Yearbook reports and grounds availability needed

Two additional points of club admin, due by 16th October are:

  1. Yearbook reports. At last count, we had received just 18 out of 218, meaning 200 were still needed. Email Chris Evans with your submissions in the provided templates.
  2. Ground bookings. We need to ask all clubs to once again submit any dates when your regular ground is not available for cricket in 2018 as unfortunately, due to an error our side, any existing notifications have been lost! Requests should be re-sent to Denham Earl.

Your patience and support would be appreciated.

Original request for Surrey Championship Team Photos and Reports.

To minimise the time it takes to collate and edit:

  • Please ensure that all your club's reports are collated and reviewed by your Secretary or League Representative prior to submission. This is to ensure consistent spelling of all player names across all reports etc.
  • Please ensure that your report length is kept within the prescribed word counts. These limits are imposed for a reason and very long reports take a lot of editing. The limits are 320 words per team plus an extra 100 words for all League winners and other promoted sides.
  • Please use the third person for all reports. Use "the team", "the side", "the captain" etc. rather than "I" or "we".
  • Stick to the facts and avoid criticism of or defamatory comments about other clubs, officials or individuals.

If the above is adhered to, your report should be published as submitted.

Where next?

2017 Council Meeting - Wimbledon CC Have your say! Ensure your Club Rep has your views and is attending. Now, UPDATED with proposal documents.

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